Homeowners In Foreclosure

Did Your Bank/Lender Lose Your Documents, Delay Processing Your Requests,
Bait & Switch Your Terms, Lie to You and Cause You to Lose Your Home to Foreclosure?


If you attempted a Loan Modification within the past 5 years, a Short Sale within the past 2 years, tried a Workout Program or gave back the Bank/Lender your home, via a Deed-in-Lieu within the past 2 years, you may be entitled to a Financial Settlement from your Bank or Lender regardless whether your attempt was successful or not.

This is a program that could pay you for violations your Bank, Lender or Mortgage servicer may have made when you attempted any form of Loss Mitigation or tried to save your home from Foreclosure. There is a little known Federal Act that outlines service and response metrics that the Banks and Lenders must adhere to when they process the Loss Mitigation requests. If they do not comply, the Act states that the homeowner is entitled to financial compensation as the Bank/Lender is penalized for those violations
Workout attempts matter regardless of whether or not they were successful.

It applies to anyone who attempted a Loan Modification, tried a Workout Program with the Bank/Lender, did a Short Sale or gave the property back with a Deed-in-Lieu.

For Short Sales, any attempt made over the past 2 1/2 years may apply, whether the Short Sale was successful or not.
For Loan Modifications, any attempt over the past 5 years may apply, whether the Loan Modification was successful or not (if you still reside in the property).

Workout Programs and Deed-in-Lieu attempts over the past 2 1/2 years apply.

We work with an Audit/Law firm who will review your file and any correspondence you had with your Bank/Lender/Servicer. In fact, we will obtain some of this information from your Lender (with your permission) and analyze the file. If they find any violations, then they will purse legal action, on your behalf, in order to obtain the settlement.

Yes, it does not matter whether your outcome was successful or not. We still can review your file to see if any violations were committed when the Bank/Lender processed your Short Sale.

Yes, we recommend that you contact us and we can start this process immediately. It will not affect your current Short Sale process.

No, it will not affect anything going forward. This is a program to go back in time and see if the Banks and Lenders committed any violations on your file. Whether or not you have a working Loan Modification does not absolve your Lender from violations they may have made on your loan/file.

That is OK. Again, as long as you attempted some form of Loss Mitigation and your attempts fit within the time frames allowed, a claim can be pursued on your behalf.

Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can recommend and solution to prevent a foreclosure. You need to attempt a Loan Modification or Short Sale in order to avoid losing your home or owing large amounts after a foreclosure. This may also give you standing to eventually litigate against your bank/lender for legal violations. You will receive a notice to start the foreclosure process so it is best to act quickly.

Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can recommend and solution to prevent a foreclosure. You need to attempt a Loan Modification or Short Sale in order to avoid losing your home or owing large amounts after a foreclosure. This may also give you standing to eventually litigate against your bank/lender for legal violations. A Short Sale is more beneficial when trying to stop a foreclosure.

If you are currently facing Foreclosure and far along in the process, you will need to attempt some form of Loss Mitigation (Short Sale, Loan Modification, etc.) in order to have the ability to submit a potential claim in the future (and to possibly postpone or stop the sale). Please contact us directly so we can review your situation and see how we can help you accomplish that.

If you have made attempts via Loss Mitigation to stop the foreclosure, we will be able to review your process and most likely help you. If you have made no attempts, please contact us so we can review your situation and Foreclosure sale date to see if we can help.

There is no upfront fee or money out of your pocket to start this program. If there is a claim and you recover, we and the audit law firm will collect a portion of the settlement or judgment.

The benefits are purely financial to you. If the audit firm finds violations, we will secure a settlement on your behalf. There are no guarantees that any violations occurred or will be found, however each violation incurs a fine of $2000 and the average file has between 3 - 5, or more violations. Since it does not cost you anything to start this process, it may be worth it to at least see if you qualify.

Yes, you may be skeptical, however this is indeed real and there is no \\\'catch\\\'. This can be found in a recent Federal Act that involves mortgages. It is a \\\'newer\\\' opportunity as it has only been available for consumers who qualified in the past few years and will continue to apply to consumers on a going forward basis. You are most likely not aware of this opportunity as it is not well explained or advertised and your Bank or Lender has no obligation and no benefit to inform you of their obligation to compensate you for their legal violations.

Your agent is trying to, or at least should be, working in your best interest. If they think this is not a good idea, it is most likely because they are unaware of what this is or how it can help you or they may feel threatened by having you speak with another party. Remember, your Agent works for you and you are the homeowner. You direct them, not the other way around. Tell them to find out more information or to even contact our office so we can help explain. Your Agent may not be able to sell your house and certainly cannot initiate a legal action on your behalf, so best to have a law firm handle this for you.

The answer is similar to the Real Estate Agent question. Most attorneys are unaware of this program or do not understand the advantages. We may be able to assist your Attorney and will engage them in a discussion if required. They may continue in your Foreclosure defense, but this will not affect your rights through this litigation.

Please refer anyone you know to us. If this program applies to them, they will benefit in the same way, with a possible financial settlement and no up front fees or costs.

We are more than happy to discuss this with you. Please click the link below to answer a few short questions. If you qualify, we will arrange a no cost, no obligation interview. This will give us an idea if you are entitled to any compensation before we start the paperwork.